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Conference Report “The Same Event? Morphologies, Reflections, Disseminations” (Tartu, 15-17 Dec 2022)

Baltic Sea Region

How can we approach transformative events and the limits of narrative from different disciplinary perspectives? In recent years, this question has become increasingly topical as wars, pandemics, and climate change generate new conflicts between stories in the realm of historical narratives.

To discuss the vast toolkit of conceptual and methodological approaches to narrations of historical events, the International Research Training Group “Baltic Peripeties. Narratives of Reformations, Revolutions and Catastrophes” organised the three-day interdisciplinary workshop “The Same Event? Morphologies, Reflections, Disseminations” together with our partners at the Institute of Cultural Research, University of Tartu, from 15 to 17 December 2022.

The full conference report can be read here:

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