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Hannah Willcox

Hannah Willcox is currently studying towards a master’s degree in German Literature Studies in Greifswald after having graduated with a combined bachelor’s degree in German Studies and Art History. Her study interests mainly lie in perspectives of Gender and Queer Studies on postmigrant literature, narratives of flight and concepts of time in contemporary literature. She is an academic assistant in the DFG-project “Schreibweisen der Gegenwart. Zeitreflexion und literarische Verfahren nach der Digitalisierung” and joined the IRTG “Baltic Peripeties” as a research student in February 2022. Her tasks include assisting IRTG speaker Prof. Dr. Eckhard Schumacher in his research project on Baltic Sea peripeties in German literature and film through literature research and review alongside aiding in organisational matters.

University of Greifswald

Department of German Philology
Rubenowstr. 3
17489 Greifswald


Department of German Philology