The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim provides expertise in both media studies and translation studies. As part of a technical university, research in the humanities at Trondheim is embedded in a university-wide mission to develop technological solutions to global challenges, and explores how these lead to shifts in social and cultural meaning. Connected to the Baltic Sea Region through its historical and geographical links with Scandinavian economic and political endeavours, Trondheim contributes reference frames beyond the Baltic Sea Region in the west, including North Sea and Atlantic perspectives. Norway’s largest university pursues a complementary humanities research programme with a special focus on contemporary societal threats from terror and changing notions of ‘Bildung’. New perspectives on media aesthetics of terror contribute to the development of innovative approaches for recognising the communicative and mediated aspects of terrorism and social crisis moments. Based on the analyses of identity work in acts of terrorism, and of cultural responses to these acts, the interdisciplinary research group at the Department of Language and Literature and the Department of Art and Media Studies provides a compelling approach for the analyses of peripeties in 20th and 21st centuries narratives of crises. This is complemented by investigations into the social construction of norms in the judicial field, in memory politics and literature.

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