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Prof. Dr Eckhard Schumacher

Literary and media studies, contemporary literature, digitization, pop culture

Prof. Dr Cordelia Heß

Nordic history, antisemitism, saints cults in the Baltic Sea Region, minorities

Prof. Dr Ingvild Folkvord

Literature, terrorism and law, Ernst Cassirer’s theory of culture, translation studies, voice phenomena

Prof. Dr Anti Selart

Medieval and early modern history of Baltic area, Baltic crusades, interconfessional relations, medieval Livonia

Prof. Kristoffer Neville, Ph.D.

Early modern culture in Northern Europe, architecture and arts history, topography and historiography, royal courts and court culture

Dr Alexander Waszynski

Literary & media theory, literary & intellectual history, history of science

Anna Derksen

Nordic & Scandinavian welfare history, disability history, cultural studies, body politics & eugenics

Krista Anna Zalāne

Linguistic and literary anthropology, reading research, narratology

Prof. Dr Hubertus Buchstein

Democratic theory, history of political ideas, politics of history, right-wing extremism