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Jan Reinicke

Protest, photography, visual history

Oksana Alekseev

Political sociology, identity narratives, Russian minority, political attitudes

Hanna Horn

Slavic literature studies, Digital Humanities, Auto/biography online, Digital dictatorship(s)

Henriette Hellinger

Medieval Nordic history, gender and sexuality history, church history, Canon Law and clerical life

Charlotte Steinert

Discourse analysis, immigration politics, right-wing politics, dog-whistles, anti-muslim racism

Josephine Eckert

Public History, history of the 20th century, GDR history, memory studies, conflicting memory

Tatsiana Varabei

Baroque architecture of Grand Duchy of Lithuania, heritage studies, museology

Lea Garcia

Memory studies, museum studies, postcolonial studies, cultural identity, cultural heritage

Tim Senkbeil

Narratology, narration and construction of time, post-GDR-literature, contemporary German literature