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Dr Verena Liu

Music (education), opera, gender studies, historic popular music, canon and repertoire in music, ethnographical methods

Dr Antje Kempe

Early modern and contemporary art, Eastern and Northern Europe, garden and landscape architecture, art and nature in the discourse of the Anthropocene, memory culture, art historiography

Marie-L. Westfeld

Scandinavian literature, magic realism, queer perspectives in literature

Adelīna Skerškāne

Post-modernistic concepts in literature, Latvian regional languages

Leah Preisinger

Narratology, multilingualism in literature, cultural and postcolonial studies, equality of representation

Charlotte Wenke

History of Medieval Art and its reception in later times, cultural identity, heritage studies, museum studies

Louise Curtis

Political and social theory, intellectual history, translation theory

Prof. Dr Clemens Räthel

Scandinavian theatre and literature, Jewish-Scandinavian relations, contemporary Scandinavian opera architecture, queer voices in literature, health/disease

Prof. Dr Eckhard Schumacher

Literary and media studies, contemporary literature, digitization, pop culture