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Prof. Dr Anti Selart

Medieval and early modern history of Baltic area, Baltic crusades, interconfessional relations, medieval Livonia

Rauno Alliksaar

Medieval church history, monasticism, history of communication, non-verbal communication

Prof. Dr Dr h.c. Riho Altnurme

History of theology in Estonia, methodology and historiography of church history, interconfessional relations, secularisation

Prof. Dr Marina Grishakova

Comparative literature, literature and philosophy, narratology, cognitive humanities, intermedial studies

Prof. Dr Ene Kõresaar

(Auto)biographical research, memory studies, museum studies, post/Socialism studies

Hella Liira

Space, transitory spaces, non-lieux, heterotopias, intertextuality, gender in correlation with identity, sexuality, power and movement

Martin Nõmm

Baltic exile literature, trauma studies, diaspora studies, comparative literature

Artis Ostups

Trauma studies, philosophy of history, narrative theory, Eastern European literature